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I remember a deep turquoise blue from my first time at the beach. My father told me to hold my breath as we were going under the water for a bit. I was thrilled and the day was magical. I spent many years of my art career doing works that were related to water, whether it was about falling in water or the inhabitants of the blue. It never occurred to me why.

Fast forward in my late twenties I’m having a casual conversation with my friend about the first time I saw a stingray and in a split of a second I knew why water was so important to me. 

This body of work is an effort to reconnect to these experiences to further understand this nautical connection that I have been carrying all my life. These pieces are done at 6×4 inches, final framed dimension being 5 7/8 x 7 7/8 inches, using watercolor & pen and ink on japanese yupo. These are one of a kind originals. 


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